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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wind, Thread, Weave, Cut, Sew

At the gallery where I have been a member of since it's founding days we have decided that everyone needs to explain their work process.  And whatever else might lead you to do the work you do but especially how you do it. Customers want to know and it really is good for the artist to sit down and think about the process that precedes a finished piece.  I'm thinking...

In the meantime, work has been happening in the studio.  All roads lead to the Driftless Art Festival this weekend in Soldiers Grove, WI.  How many years have I done this fair?  That will take more thinking but I look forward to it, it's always fun to have people in your little tent shop, to have them take time to look, feel, and maybe even try on.

Here's a look at what will be at what's been going on in the studio with the art fair in mind.

A warp that almost covers the back beam.

I was thinking marigolds as this jacket was woven.

Just off the loom, before the washing and before the cutting.

One of the finished jackets from that long weave on the floor above.

Two more finished from different warps, wound, threaded, cut and sewn.  All Good!

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