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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prairie Grass Weaves

Three grass weaves, handwoven in reppweave design pattern with pearl cotton and native grasses harvested from where I live.  Garrison Keillor was in our town this week promoting the new community radio station WDRT. He shopped at our artist cooperative gallery, VIVA Gallery - and bought one of these. !!!  Thanks very much famous radio man for supporting local art and artists.

Go to VIVA Gallery to see more of what we have.  If you see something you want contact the individual artist by email.  We ship. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Omaha Fashion Week

My niece, Emma Erickson, graduated from the San Francisco School of Art and Design this spring in the School of Fashion Design.  She participated at N.Y. Fashion Week and this past weekend was a participant of Omaha Fashion Week.  I got to see this fabulous show with my sister, Emma's mom, and a bunch of my sister's friends.  We had a V.I.P. table!  Which meant that we sat next to the runway getting a close up look at all the designer's creations.  It was held under a highway bridge, you see the concrete columns in one of the photos, with the Old Market buildings up against one side. It was a unique venue, the whole evening was fun, despite the fact that it was about maybe 45 degrees and misting -- we stayed comfy and dry at the V.I.P. table.  Emma's designs are stunning. She has worked very hard getting her beautiful dresses designed and sewn, including lots of hand-sewing.  She has found her passion indeed.  I wish her the best.  Find out more here  Emma Erickson.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

when you need a little comfort

When the news isn't  great, when there is a heartache, when you'd just like to jump off the spinning earth --- WAIT!  These guys can share your pain, you can tell them your deepest, darkest secrets, they will be your friend no matter what . . .  From left to right, Sherman, Howie, Crumbs.  These 'kats' come from the family 'Kathy's Kats', they are constructed of re-purposed wool.  Each is an individual but, all are loyal, true blue kats, depend on it.