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Sunday, May 11, 2014


I'm loving checks these days.  Checks plain and with borders of different colors.  Weave a fabric of checks and then turn to the sewing machine for shape-shifting and a flat piece of woven fabric becomes 3-dimensional.  This post is a gallery of work that has been on my loom over some of the last few months.

The particular vest has a name - Charlie.   A friend picked up a 'Charlie Harper' print at a rummage sale.  So lucky!  .... as I wove this fabric that picture was in my mind.  

'Klein' blue and olive tones.

Woven in linen, silk and Tencel. 


Kid Art at the Pumphouse in LaCrosse, WI  from all the kids who have art in school.  There are hundreds of these little canvases hanging in the galleries at the Pumphouse.  The body of work is called the Compassion Project.  Some are obvious, some you wish you could know what the kid was thinking.

So much inspiration in one place.
Impossible to put them all here - would if I could because all of them are the best.