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Friday, March 4, 2011

Colorado Rocks

We took a little trip to Colorado last week.  Anyone living in these parts is pretty sick of winter by this time.  A change of scenery is a perfect anecdote.  We caught the Amtrak Zephyr in Burlington, IA.
Think of it -- getting somewhere not being squished in like a sardine, not having to be x-rayed, walking around while traveling, seeing beautiful scenery out the window and talking to other travelers.  That's what you get when you take the train.

Pretty city Glenwood Springs

The preceding photos were taken on our way out of Glenwood Springs.  When we arrived there a week earlier it was sunny -- no matter what the light or weather, it's a  pretty special place.  The train ride takes you through miles of awesome Glenwood Canyon before pulling into the town.

On to the high desert city of Grand Junction.  The Grand Mesa, Colorado National Monument, the Book Cliffs surround this city on the Colorado River.  Peach tree orchards, sadly bare this time of year, and wineries made up the scenery along the tracks.

While husband spent time with his brother downhill skiing - I got to explore the spectacular landscape surrounding Grand Junction with my friend.  This landscape humbles you, it's so big and old, breathtaking and purely glorious.   Imagine, at least two oceans covered this landscape in the long past.

Outside of Grand Junction in Monument Canyon we hiked to  'Independence Rock or Monument'.  I can see a face at the top of this time-worn rock.  The next picture is "Kissing Couple".

We did other stuff while we were there, like some cross-country skiing to an inn where we had some delicious chocolate pecan pie and then there were the Thrifts.  Designer Thrifts I'd call them -- both in Grand Junction and Aspen - nuff said about that!

When it was time to leave we caught the train again in Glenwood Springs - the trip back was as fine as the trip out and the in-between vacation time was fun and so appreciated.  We had great hosts!