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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Old School Geometry

There's a school in my neighborhood that is about to be torn down.  A crew is disassembling the place. It's been there since 1955 but now they say it needs fixing and that's too expensive.  The solution is to build new.  I know there are advantages to building new, better energy efficiency, state of the art classrooms and all that.   I'm hoping they put old-fashioned blackboards into the new school classrooms instead of those awful white boards and that they don't carpet the floors.   I am lamenting it's demise.  Artistry and craftsmanship is evident, apparent time and thought was put into styling this building.  New schools don't have that same vitality or soul. This post is a record of this place, dedicated to those who built it and inhabited the hallways over the years.

It's coming down so, of course, the kids got to decorate the walls and the floors.

Inset tile on the risers.

The geometry of straight lines and symmetry attracts and inspires me.
Prairie Reppweaves have geometric lines and symmetry --- like the tiled walls of the school.