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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Spring Brings

Spring fiber gathering with the sheeps and the lambs in Bonnie's pasture.  Some sheered and some shedding, all the babies letting us know they were there.  I love sheep and this beautiful green pasture.  Wish I had gotten a picture of the guard donkeys.

Taking pictures of the geraniums at the greenhouse but then I looked down and saw all the mosses growing, snail habitat.  Interesting little subterranean environs under those tables of flowers.

I am always seeking the light in my studio space, there are windows but as the sun moves into summer, roof eaves shade the windows and light to work isn't bright enough.  This loom has made a at least a 180 degree turn in the last couple of months.  Chasing not only light but space.  This is brilliant, I hadn't thought of it before anyway- the back of the loom requires way less space than the front so it got pushed toward the wall and the front is now out in the middle of the room.  Ahhhh - now I can move my bench out of the way much easier.  How long will this last??  I put something to make sliding the loom easier, like rugs or towels or folded fabric - anything so the rubber feet aren't touching and this unwieldy piece of furniture is much more cooperative and I can do it myself.