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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Who Owns This Land?

We recently put land that we 'own' into the Mississippi Valley Conservancy.  An organization whose job it is to protect land from development.  Eighty acres along a river, in a river valley surrounded by forested hills is now under the protection of the Mississippi Valley Conservancy.  Along with this organization we will work to preserve,  conserve and to keep a wild sanctuary for all time.  The wildlife that lives here is protected, the ground that plants grow on is protected.   I say work to preserve and conserve because we commit to be diligent care-takers and observers of what's happening on this land, we want the riparian ecology to flourish,  we want native plants and animals to thrive.

We have joined others who have decided to do this and they have inspired us.  It is our firm belief  that too much land has come under human development and because we 'own' this land we have  promised by working with the MVC that it will be here, as it is now, in the future.  Thank you Mississippi Valley Conservancy for making this possible.


Showy Orchid

Nodding Trillium

Fringed Gentian

Red-Tail Hawk

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