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Friday, December 11, 2015

Tis the Season

The Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin decked out for the holiday season.  We were there to hear music of Christmas, daughter sings with the Madison Symphony Choir.  Center lobby twinkling lights and changing colors light up the walls - so pretty.  A full view of the stage from way up in the balcony!

Waiting for snow here.  Colors of the season.  Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Sky, Art, Birds and Travel

A Wyoming Herringbone sky.   Wyoming was the rainiest place in our travels west.

Could be a spooky Halloween night in Hot Springs, S.D.  

A paper cut in a house we stayed at in Hot Springs.  The lady had so much great art.  We found out Air BNB is a fine way to travel, meet new people and stay in interesting places.

Guys want color and original too, he walked in, tried on a few vests and decided on this one.
He is a singer and wanted something for performances.  He let me take his picture, it's a good fit and looks fabulous.

A store window in Ogden, Utah.  Unfortunately it was closed.

Trick or Treat

OK -  I tried to think of a way to pull this disjointed post together and it didn't work.  Photos from downtown Hot Springs, a spooky looking stairway, the town wasn't spooky though.  That herringbone sky was remarkable and decided me on a pattern for a weaving.  I had to include the cool guy who bought a vest, he was the first man to come in and seriously look at a vest for himself.  I was really happy when he decided he wanted one.  I love everyone who tries on my handwoven wearables, whether they buy or not, they make it fun to do the art fairs.  The photo of the shop window taken when walking past it, Ogden, UT.  Second time in Ogden, UT, it's got a great main street with little shops and restaurants.  The last pic - Swallows, waiting to be fed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

In Praise of the Humble Loom

... that just sits tight and holds it all together while I play with shuttles.

The Loom, itself, is a work of art.  It's a prehistoric, simple but complicated machine that allows the craft of the weaver.   This compilation of cords, lamms, harnesses, heddles, beams and treadles enables work that ends with a fabric made from criss-cross fibers.  The artist-weaver is the engineer creator making simple or intricate handwoven cloth.  It is beautiful and photogenic but, it's the weaver that brings it to it's full glory.  A symbiotic relationship.

Box Crops - Handwoven - Made on My Loom


Monday, July 6, 2015

Sky Dancing

Sky Dancing, neck ornament - experimenting and playing at the end of the warp, colors and pattern.  

We have been traveling and some of the sights we saw are too spectacular and wondrous for words, some need an explanation.  Loving summer!

The Falls of the Sioux

Art Sculpture in downtown Sioux Falls - I love the downtown, I don't know how long they have been featuring sculptures from around the country, they're good and different every year.  Some of the businesses purchase the art pieces making their stay in Sioux Falls permanent. 

Sky watching was our entertainment across Wyoming.  Lots of rain in these parts this year, flooding in some towns, everywhere fields and ditches were blooming with wildflowers and green grasses.

The Tetons

Bitteroot and mallow.  So many wildflowers.

Hanging around the campground.

Our destination, cute little house in Boise!

Paint brush clouds, downtown Boise.  Love that light blue brick.

Flowers in the lava cracks at Craters of the Moon, Idaho.

Lots of big sky, miles and miles...

The Mitchell, South Dakota Corn Palace.  The guys on the scaffolding were scraping off the corn cobs, I'm guessing getting ready for the new crop when it arrives.  They have lots of work left.

Yes -- corn cobs make up this building's art.  First time seeing it.  The domes were sitting beside the building - someday I want to see the it with the domes on and decorated.  Even more impressive!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Make A Statement

What's Showing:

I had to give this a try.  Fancy patches.  My friend Susan, has been working this for some time. 
This turned into a poncho, which kept me warm that past rainy, cool weekend.   

Good Morning Summertime Sunshine.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Flowers, Memorials, Cars and Buses Everywhere

We went somewhere.   I'm putting pieces of our trip here for me to remember and if you're looking hope you've seen some of the same remarkable sites of Washington DC - US Capitol City in April.

The Cherry and Magnolia blossoms were in their full, amazing glory.  Everywhere you looked the trees were bursting in blooming splendor.   Our first days in DC were misty, gray and cool, it didn't dim the blossoms.

The time we were there marked the 150 anniversary date of his assassination.
We saw a play at the Ford Theatre called Freedom, a big, bold singing performance.
The Ford Theatre has been historically preserved as it was in Lincoln's time.

WWII Memorial.  This is a beautiful memorial to all the men and women at home and abroad.
This one choked me up.  My dad was abroad, my mom at home both involved in the war effort as was everyone living at that time.  Lucky for me, they met after the war.

400 Stars for the 400,000 that died in this war.

Magnolia Scarf

Planning out a set up for a weekend show in Rochester, MedCtiy Art Fair at the Mayo Civic Center.

Our 'motor coach'.  Really, this bus going around the city was a show stopper.   I saw a little boy fall down on the sidewalk, he was just about to cry and then he saw our bus.  His jaw dropped but no crying just big, round-eyed looking as we passed by.

Typical DC traffic - ugh!  Taken from somewhere inside the bus.

It was a great trip.  It was hosted through WI Public Radio, Holiday Vacations provided everything.  They took good care of us.