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Sunday, June 19, 2011

This ISN'T pretty .

Today we are on the wrong side of this river.  Our driveway is under that water somewhere, we are happy we can see the bridge that crosses the river up to the house.
Amazing, 5 inches of rain can cause the river to rise about 4 ft.

Same view as above, now standing on the ground.
The constant lightning and a powerful flashlight made it possible to see that the bridge was under water early this morning, round about 3 am.  A restful, dreamy sleep not possible after seeing that, we had to look . . .?

The pounding rain finally stopped about 4 am (maybe) and we dragged ourselves once again off to bed to try sleep.  About 4:30 am or so I heard voices -- thought they were coming from the road, they were in the driveway stopped just at the bridge.  Two guys, one was out of the car sizing up just how difficult it would be to get across the bridge.  He got back into his car and inched his way toward it, as we watched
from the upstairs porch thinking 'no - don't do it' the other guy in the car was really hollering
"NO" --- "NO" !!  They turned around, I hope they made it back home -- I'm thinking they may be nursing hangovers today...

This is pretty.  Walked up the hill to see how the woods were looking and came across a 
Monarch caterpillar - seems early to see these guys but there it was snacking on a very wet 
milkweed.  Well he was snacking before he fell off, I had to put him back so I could take the picture,
that's why he's curled,  it could be a she ?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wild Gardens

Wild springtime gardens.  Ferns, columbine, jack-in-the-pulpit, solomons seal, wild phlox, forget-me-nots that have gone wild and nodding trillium.  Spring gardens are so well-behaved, beautiful gentle ephemerals so welcome.