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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Dog

Going to the dogs lately.  Here is a look at how my little dogs come alive.  The top photo shows a  'litter' (?) of pups, arms, legs, bodies unstitched.  Next photo shows legs and arms pulled through to sew up the sides and bottom (ouch), then (next photo) they are pulled right side out (ahhh)!   At last a DOG -- a nose, a pair of eyes, a mouth and a bow-tie -- perfect!   These little dogs are made with recycled wool scraps and some of my hand woven pieces.  They are all special, all one of a kind.  You will be seeing them in my ETSY shop.  I am making kats as well - find them in the shop as they are 'born'.
If I'm not back here before Christmas -- have a wonderful holiday season.