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Monday, October 14, 2013


We decided to head north on the motorcycle.

Books and Expresso in Washburn

I never tire of seeing the colors of autumn, so beautiful all the way up to Lake Superior, Bayfield and Madeline Island and all the way back to LaCrosse.
A riot of color before the grim grays of winter.  Just have to feast on it while it's here.

The Lagoon at Town Park on Madeline Island.  Superior just on the other side of this lagoon was rolling with wind and waves, here was calm and quiet.  
Two guys in a canoe were on their way to go fishing.

A Great Gray Owl
What a site, we were riding our rented bikes down the road to the park he/she landed on a fence post right in front of us --- letting us admire, turning her/his head all ways. 

Off the ferry and ready to head home.