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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Go Somewhere

 The Coffee Shop

The riverbed in bare feet.

Into the woods

The desert

The St. Paul Transit Station

Go somewhere and wear an original handwoven.

You can find these at VIVA Gallery in downtown Viroqua, WI.  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Annie's Eyes

So I got to spend 5 days with a daughter recently.  She decided to have her eyes corrected, she couldn't do Lasik, she was recommended for PRK.  You can look that up if you want to know more but it is a little more involved than the Lasik procedure and there is a bit more of a recovery period.
Here she is the day after the procedure.  She said I could put this photo in this post, you've seen her before - she's my main model for my work.  Just saying - this is not truly representative but just a 'feeling silly and relieved' look.


Would that every procedure would be like this - from the outside everything looks normal.  From the inside I was hearing one day that seeing was perfect and the next day blurry.  From all the blogs she'd bookmarked we knew she was following the norms.  She's happy she did it but it will take a while to really see how good it is.  This picture is better than the one we took of her in her protective sleeping goggles.  

All of a sudden it's feeling like Spring arrived and days spent in Madison were pleasant.  She's close to lots of good stuff so I walked places, she stayed home with her eyes closed. 

Love taking pictures of where people live, a few apartment shots here feature textiles, kats and dog, little growing garden plants and morning kitchen shots.  It was fun spending the time together.  Something that doesn't happen often enough when kids get involved in their own life.  I'm glad she asked me to be there.  

In the studio . . .   from the last post, Gold and Linen finished.  

Linen and Gold  - different shrinking                                        
has the gold lurex poking through the linen fibers                                                      
and catching the light.