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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Time

Snow piling up on branches of trees, short days and lit up nights.  There are no dark shadows when snow blankets all outside spaces.   Turn off inside lights and the carpet of snow lights up everything. So bright it seems there's a full moon every night.  Snowflake after magical snowflake cover the earth, so perfect and so beautiful.  

Not at all sure about these colors....

Still not sure about these colors.  When it's finished - I might be able to decide ...

In my imagination I am walking this path, wearing this scarf.  When I was making this warp I kept thinking why am I using these colors.  Colors all around influence what I think and what I see and into the weaving they go.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Night Lights / Winter Bright





that LED blue

 I said she should draw something that didn't look like a house with a pointy roof...

and it was good!  by Ava

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Going Back

On street corners all over downtown there is art like this.  The building in the background is the old high school.  It has new life as the Washington Pavilion - more about that below.

A foggy, wet day for a walk.  How did I miss all this majesty when I was growing up?

The Carnegie Library now houses government offices.  The building has a rounded backside.  

Window Detail

My dad's alma mater, I can imagine him going through these doors.  The high school building is in use today as an art gallery, orchestra hall and a science center with an IMAX Theatre

A downtown fire station, historical markers tell about the time Teddy Roosevelt came to town to campaign.  There's a tower on the other side - wonder what that was used for?

The Pettigrew Museum

The museum entrance - petrified wood

One of the many Quartzite stairways at Terrace Park.

The rock used for these buildings is native Sioux Quartzite.  I took all this extraordinary architecture in my hometown for granted growing up.  Now, I am proud of this city's historical preservation of these landmark buildings.  Even on a gray day their beauty shines through.

Monday, October 14, 2013


We decided to head north on the motorcycle.

Books and Expresso in Washburn

I never tire of seeing the colors of autumn, so beautiful all the way up to Lake Superior, Bayfield and Madeline Island and all the way back to LaCrosse.
A riot of color before the grim grays of winter.  Just have to feast on it while it's here.

The Lagoon at Town Park on Madeline Island.  Superior just on the other side of this lagoon was rolling with wind and waves, here was calm and quiet.  
Two guys in a canoe were on their way to go fishing.

A Great Gray Owl
What a site, we were riding our rented bikes down the road to the park he/she landed on a fence post right in front of us --- letting us admire, turning her/his head all ways. 

Off the ferry and ready to head home. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Driftless 2013

The Driftless Art Festival happened this past weekend.  I've been anticipating and preparing, the weekend finally arrived.

Making lists, checking them twice, taking out all the work, cataloging.

Good we remembered to get that 'booth' shot.

All arranged - whew!  My daughter helped both days, she wore 4 or 5 of the vests over the time - have to say she looked lovely in anything she tried on.   My husband helped with the set up and provided great support - thanks honey!  That dog with out-stretched arms is for you!

It was a great weekend, we even had rain on Sunday morning which made my day along with all the wonderful people supporting art and artists at this terrific fair.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


The photo of this great bus wasn't taken today.  It would make a most excellent traveling studio. Found it sitting at the re-cycling center where we deposit whatever we can keep from the landfill as we head home after vacation.  Hmmm - at the re-cycling center, waiting to be recycled?

The bumper sticker says 'honk if parts are falling off'
Look at those whitewall tires!



marking Today

Summertime field of Bluestem

A web fresh and dewy

flowers on the street