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Monday, July 6, 2015

Sky Dancing

Sky Dancing, neck ornament - experimenting and playing at the end of the warp, colors and pattern.  

We have been traveling and some of the sights we saw are too spectacular and wondrous for words, some need an explanation.  Loving summer!

The Falls of the Sioux

Art Sculpture in downtown Sioux Falls - I love the downtown, I don't know how long they have been featuring sculptures from around the country, they're good and different every year.  Some of the businesses purchase the art pieces making their stay in Sioux Falls permanent. 

Sky watching was our entertainment across Wyoming.  Lots of rain in these parts this year, flooding in some towns, everywhere fields and ditches were blooming with wildflowers and green grasses.

The Tetons

Bitteroot and mallow.  So many wildflowers.

Hanging around the campground.

Our destination, cute little house in Boise!

Paint brush clouds, downtown Boise.  Love that light blue brick.

Flowers in the lava cracks at Craters of the Moon, Idaho.

Lots of big sky, miles and miles...

The Mitchell, South Dakota Corn Palace.  The guys on the scaffolding were scraping off the corn cobs, I'm guessing getting ready for the new crop when it arrives.  They have lots of work left.

Yes -- corn cobs make up this building's art.  First time seeing it.  The domes were sitting beside the building - someday I want to see the it with the domes on and decorated.  Even more impressive!