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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wading Through the Leaves

I love the season of walking through the crispy, crunchy leaves.  Many people rake their leaves into the street and then the city truck with a big vacuum cleaner attachment comes around to pick them all up and take them to city recycling. Come spring you can go to city lawn and yard recycling and maybe you will get those same leaves back in a rich composted mix.  I just leave my leaves on the yard and if I rake I'm keeping this rich stuff for my own compost.   I was riding my bike and came across this scene, looked like everyone on the block decided to rake their leaves on the same day.  Pretty impressive leaf lined street still intact (no kiddos jumping into the inviting piles).

Nice bed for the cat, pretty sure she thinks she's hiding. 

Inspiration from leaf piles, woven with Chenille, Tercel and Linen.