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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Close to Home

The wild garden updated.  The fringed gentians began appearing about 3 or 4 years ago
on a hillside behind our house.  They are beautiful.
The solomon seal reigns over the planted wild garden next to the back door.

From the domestic garden --- red gold!!  

Bamboo chimes cast a ghostly shadow on the screen.  The chimes hang off to the left of the door,  the sun at that moment was just right for them to appear on the screen.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Omaha Fashion Week

I was privileged to go to the Omaha Fashion Week Finale last weekend.  My niece, Emma Erickson was showing her work again this year,  it was even more gorgeous than last year.  My sister and I hung out with the designers and models and even put our hands on some of the fashions - finishing hems, etc.  Fun to be part of the energy.  The weather for the event was beautiful.  Lots of paying customers and plenty of lookers hanging over the bridge to view the event.

The Designer

By the way, if you want a challenge, try walking in those platform shoes for any length of time.  

The next day, in a fundraiser for HELP in Omaha, we had another fashion show with Jane RoundEmma Erickson,  Megan Hunt and me.  The photos below are of the designers wearing their dresses and my vests - my first experience using models other than my daughters (who are excellent models as well)!  I am impressed by the work these young designers turn out.  Impressive models too, they work many hours designing and sewing and still end up looking fresh and beautiful. 

This all took place in the studio space of Camp, a co-working space for business start-ups in Omaha.
We had a good turn out and my sister raised a respectable amount of funds for HELP.