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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Sky, Art, Birds and Travel

A Wyoming Herringbone sky.   Wyoming was the rainiest place in our travels west.

Could be a spooky Halloween night in Hot Springs, S.D.  

A paper cut in a house we stayed at in Hot Springs.  The lady had so much great art.  We found out Air BNB is a fine way to travel, meet new people and stay in interesting places.

Guys want color and original too, he walked in, tried on a few vests and decided on this one.
He is a singer and wanted something for performances.  He let me take his picture, it's a good fit and looks fabulous.

A store window in Ogden, Utah.  Unfortunately it was closed.

Trick or Treat

OK -  I tried to think of a way to pull this disjointed post together and it didn't work.  Photos from downtown Hot Springs, a spooky looking stairway, the town wasn't spooky though.  That herringbone sky was remarkable and decided me on a pattern for a weaving.  I had to include the cool guy who bought a vest, he was the first man to come in and seriously look at a vest for himself.  I was really happy when he decided he wanted one.  I love everyone who tries on my handwoven wearables, whether they buy or not, they make it fun to do the art fairs.  The photo of the shop window taken when walking past it, Ogden, UT.  Second time in Ogden, UT, it's got a great main street with little shops and restaurants.  The last pic - Swallows, waiting to be fed.