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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Asheville Tripping and Beach Walking

Colleen's Window - Love

One of the Jacquard Looms at the Oriole Mill in Henderson, NC. Took the tour and saw the Jacquard working, mind-boggling process, mind-blowing designed product.

The sewing room at the mill.  Everything is designed, woven and sewn on site.
Go here The Oriole Mill and read about this terrific place.

Sewing Studio

Unfortunately this is a blurry photo but have to include.  Thread organization, beauty in itself.

Remnant diving.

Sitting Artfully.  In Daniel McClendon's Studio - The Lift.  

I love his work!!!!

Drifting sand and seashells everywhere on the beach near Ocracoke, NC

Live Oaks and a mossy roof down an alleyway in Ocracoke, NC.  Finally a sunny and (relatively) warmer day at the seashore.

April Beachwear  in North Carolina.  So happy I brought this coat along.😏

Nags Head, Waterfront Restaurant.  A bonus to sit and watch the sunset.