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Friday, September 16, 2016

Art Fairs

I just read something that I want to save and pass along.  It's about art fairs.  "There is no better place to be on a late summer afternoon (or morning) than an art fair.  Wondering through the tents filled with artisan crafter/makers you will feel inspired at the talent and dedication on show.  The best thing is that you can simply stop and tell them so.  The whole idea is to bring makers and their audience together.  We have the internet at our fingertips but no website can covey the work and skill demonstrated by products made and displayed, not to mention meeting those who did the making."

Artists work in their studios, usually alone - the reward comes when you are invited to a fair and people come and have a look, in my case, feel the textures and try on the handwoven garments.  I love it.

The Sioux Falls Sidewalk Arts Fair was September 10, one day.  It was a fabulous day for people to be out and they were!  The Driftless Area Art Fair is this weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  I am looking forward to being there and seeing old and new customers.

Some of my work that will be at the DAAF this weekend.  

I have to include some photos from Sioux Falls, the first is one I took the evening after the fair.

Sioux Falls - Falls Park at night.  Magical.

The Falls in winter.

Can't close this post with a picture of winter, have to show you this beautiful bouquet from the Farmer's Market.  The colors of the dahlias make my mouth water!!