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Friday, May 18, 2018

May Fiber Gathering

Angie is on vacation, so I brought a camera to Carole's.  It was a beautiful day with blossoming trees, frogs croaking in the pond and conversation with lovely ladies.

Carole's Kitchen, parts of lunch

Blooming orchids in the sunroom, beauty.

OK, the chorus frog(s) were noisy but we know why they love this pond.

Pretty Lavender hat by Barb

Judith's rug handwoven with Marimekko scraps, bright and cheery, caught her  modeling her handwoven scarf too.

The rug, my 6-harness twill piece, on top of the Oriole Mill woven towels, Barb B's tea cozy started.

Finely woven hand towels from the Oriole Mill in Henderson, N.C.

Olga's shawl and shawl pattern.

Anne Marie modeling Olga's shawl.

Examining Rachel's knitting.  That baby was having a good time too, just happy, no fussing!

And then we walked down to the other pond, reflecting pool.

Carole's stone masterpiece inside the sauna.  
It was a perfect day.