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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gone for Gold

Any one of these handwoven scarves with this dress 

Imagine having an occasion to wear it . . . just dreaming ... big.
why not??

husband says ... but - a scarf would cover up her assets
well, I say . . . it could bring more attention to one's assets.

The scarves are woven with Tencel, silk and gold lurex.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Threads of Gold

I couldn't pass up this cone of gold at a friend's moving sale that happened close to a year ago now (remember this Colleen??)  It's been a real conversation piece on my shelf.   I've looked at it and thought about what use I could put it too . . . it's very fine thread.   I wonder what it's intended use in the beginning was?  Curiosity and my practical nature finally got the best of me, I pulled it off the shelf and started wrapping it on the warping wheel along with two shades of while silk.  It broke only once but it was hard to hang onto.  I did get it on the loom without going completely out-of-my-mind - whew.   Here is little photo journal.   I think the woven scarves are looking almost as pretty as the cone itself!

One done 

Another started, see the gold thread - it's there -- really.