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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ART Fair and a Fiber Extravaganza

Hello Edina Art Fair 2014.  My little 10 x 10 space faced west in the Edina Lunds parking lot.  Found out that's where all the new-bees get to be.  Thursday evening set up and in my place early Friday morning.  The morning was lovely and people came out, as the day went on the sun came in more and more and I was cook'in and so was everyone else.  No one would even touch the handwovens because they were feeling sweaty.  The sun had not relented by 7 pm closing time.
The next day, Saturday, dawned and we were having and expecting rain all day.  You had to be a serious art shopper that day but, by about 1pm the rain went away, the clouds stayed to keep the temps cool.

My space got a little cramped and crowded as I moved my things in to get them out of rain drops.
My Easy-Up tent roof pooled some water which had to be sent down the sides which I tried to do without a rush of splashing water through my neighbors tent.

A booth shot.  I put a rug down (no picture taken of that - I guess) it covered the asphalt crack and made the space look welcoming.
I like doing Art Fairs, I like having people see and touch the fibers, I love to have people try on something and see the fit and the colors and then if they like it - I love it when they buy a piece that I have made.  It's fun to talk to people who come in and who are walking by.  It's an adventure.

This man weaving tapestries was part of the fair - I never got as far as his space but my husband did.  His loom was set up in his tent.   So impressive - I wish I would have gotten a closer look at his work.

After the Art Fair
I stayed in Minneapolis for a few days.
Always something going on in the big city, this time there were Fiber Extravaganzas going on. 
Have a look and maybe you will want to plan a trip.

The American Swedish Institute
2014 marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the Modern Finnish Immigration movement to North America and celebrations will take place across Minneapolis this summer, culminating in FinnFest, North America’s largest gathering of Finnish and Finnish-American communities, in August. 
The Living Tradition of Ryijy – Finnish Rugs and theirMakers showcases the development of the ryijy rug in Finland over the course of 300 years - from its origin as a utilitarian cloth woven for use as coverlets and bedding into today’s expressive bright and modern designs used as textile art, often involving innovative techniques and experimental fabrics.
See more at American Swedish Institute 

The rya rugs are beautiful.  I think of a rug as being for the floor - not so with the rya rugs.  They were used most commonly to keep warm in bed.  In modern times rya woven rugs have been used on the floor.  There are Finnish kits still available to make these rugs.   The historical rugs were in the lower level gallery some dating back to early 1800's.  The rya rug exhibit is wonderful and the Turnblad Mansion (Castle) is a glorious display of the fine craftspeople that were at work in those times.

A weaving studio set up on the 3rd floor.

The grass roof, there is another next to this one. 

Close up of an outside wall of the house. 

The Textile Center

Finnish Textile Artist of the Year, 2010 Aino Kajaniemi Tapestry Weaves
are on display in the Joan Mondale Gallery  June 12 - August 16, 2014
Another textile sensation - the work speaks for itself.

and last but not least - the rugs of Wynne Mattila also on display at the Textile Center

So lucky these exhibits were happening at the time I was there.  Inspired and wonderstruck by the beauty of the woven work - I was blown away!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Walking Out

in Eden...

wild columbine

Maidenhair and Lady ferns

wild ginger


Wild Columbine flourishing in rock and sand.  Just gotta grow...

... that's what it felt like.  The deep green smell of the earth in the morning after a spring rain, thick with life.  My idea of heaven.