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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Week at the Lake 2018

Like glass the first few days after arriving.  So unusual on this big lake.

The classic picture, always picturesque.

The Bluebird with the dahlias next to the side door.  This cabin used to be two cabins, now it's one and we filled it up with 8 people.  😍

Ready to eat fish!

Thanks to fisherman Phil, I helped too 😀 got lucky this year.

This willow is massive, been there along time, when you go around to the other side there's a big hollow hole you could climb into but still it lives on.  Good thing, it's a landmark tree.

Aidyn chasing the volley ball.


Entrance to Baby Lida

No one home at this island place this year.  

What about those yellow seats ??!  Cool!

This is also a classic from the lake.  Good morning.  Walk out on the dock and the sun is rising just over there in the east.