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Friday, October 12, 2018

Being Tourists in Italy

Arriving in Venice by boat taxi.  It was a wild ride from the airport.

The water really is blue, I thought it would be more like the Mississippi (!)  A long view of the city.

A boat bus ride.

The city of Venice is made up of islands connected by beautiful bridges.

From the top of the Clock Tower in St. Marks Square.

Campari for your afternoon spritz.  Better than a stained glass window.

Just another square to sit and drink and watch.
What a wondrous place - no cars, take a boat or walk.  We didn't see any biking either.

Hamming it up on a side trip to Bologna, sampling some homemade pasta at a little restaurant.
One of the best pasta places we sampled.

On to Florence

The Douma or Cathedral of St. Maria of the Flowers.  The center of Florence.  What can you say, amazing architecture and decoration.

Ponte Vecchio on the river Arno.  Built in 1218.  Shops and residences along the bridge.

Pizza with the pigeons.


 The dome of St. Peter's Basilica

The Colosseum

On to the sites of Rome, so many ancient ruins, everywhere you look are ancient ruins, built centuries ago.  Humbling, all the life that has been lived in these places that still stand.  

Some Rome night life on the Spanish Steps.

To Eat:  Tiramisu  We shared that, 4 of us, we should have had more!  Sad.

Gelato!  I didn't get enough.

Roasted Artichoke flowers, we didn't get to try these.  They look pretty though.

Favorite place in the Testaccio neighborhood.





Susan said...

Nice pictures, Kathy! Pasta, pizza, gelato, Campari. Looks like you were all very comfortable being tourists.The water is blue. Surprised me, too. What a trip!

annie said...

a thorough account. seems like we had a pretty good trip! haha. :) i'm glad you got a photo of alex in the wine room. it looks QUITE impressive. (along with the rest!)

riverweave said...

Fun to sum it all up in just a few of the photos that were taken!