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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Local Color

A ruched vest featuring a profusion of texture!  Find it here.
Handwoven in Tencel and wool, a design original from Riverweave Studio.
 Shop Local and support the local economy but, if you can't find what you want locally, 
buy U.S. made which you can find in abundance on etsy.

Happy Holidays!

cruising the alleys on the north side...

you can find most interesting sites. 


Joanne said...

Love the vest!! Love all the neighborhood beauty, as well.

Susan said...

Pretty alleys--but where is all the good junk? Or, did you already pick it up? What a beautiful blue in the top

riverweave said...

Thanks for the comments. I can't take photos of all the good junk in the alleys - that would let cat out of the bag...