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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Week at the Lake 2018

Like glass the first few days after arriving.  So unusual on this big lake.

The classic picture, always picturesque.

The Bluebird with the dahlias next to the side door.  This cabin used to be two cabins, now it's one and we filled it up with 8 people.  😍

Ready to eat fish!

Thanks to fisherman Phil, I helped too 😀 got lucky this year.

This willow is massive, been there along time, when you go around to the other side there's a big hollow hole you could climb into but still it lives on.  Good thing, it's a landmark tree.

Aidyn chasing the volley ball.


Entrance to Baby Lida

No one home at this island place this year.  

What about those yellow seats ??!  Cool!

This is also a classic from the lake.  Good morning.  Walk out on the dock and the sun is rising just over there in the east.  

Friday, May 18, 2018

May Fiber Gathering

Angie is on vacation, so I brought a camera to Carole's.  It was a beautiful day with blossoming trees, frogs croaking in the pond and conversation with lovely ladies.

Carole's Kitchen, parts of lunch

Blooming orchids in the sunroom, beauty.

OK, the chorus frog(s) were noisy but we know why they love this pond.

Pretty Lavender hat by Barb

Judith's rug handwoven with Marimekko scraps, bright and cheery, caught her  modeling her handwoven scarf too.

The rug, my 6-harness twill piece, on top of the Oriole Mill woven towels, Barb B's tea cozy started.

Finely woven hand towels from the Oriole Mill in Henderson, N.C.

Olga's shawl and shawl pattern.

Anne Marie modeling Olga's shawl.

Examining Rachel's knitting.  That baby was having a good time too, just happy, no fussing!

And then we walked down to the other pond, reflecting pool.

Carole's stone masterpiece inside the sauna.  
It was a perfect day.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Asheville Tripping and Beach Walking

Colleen's Window - Love

One of the Jacquard Looms at the Oriole Mill in Henderson, NC. Took the tour and saw the Jacquard working, mind-boggling process, mind-blowing designed product.

The sewing room at the mill.  Everything is designed, woven and sewn on site.
Go here The Oriole Mill and read about this terrific place.

Sewing Studio

Unfortunately this is a blurry photo but have to include.  Thread organization, beauty in itself.

Remnant diving.

Sitting Artfully.  In Daniel McClendon's Studio - The Lift.  

I love his work!!!!

Drifting sand and seashells everywhere on the beach near Ocracoke, NC

Live Oaks and a mossy roof down an alleyway in Ocracoke, NC.  Finally a sunny and (relatively) warmer day at the seashore.

April Beachwear  in North Carolina.  So happy I brought this coat along.😏

Nags Head, Waterfront Restaurant.  A bonus to sit and watch the sunset.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pink, pink and more pink

The most instagrammed restaurant in London.  Delicious Pink!

Also Delicious Pink

I Love Pink

Gold, Orange and Pink

Monday, January 29, 2018

January 2018

About mid-month we finally got some 6 inches of snow.  Yay!
Temperatures up and down in January.  Those of us who like winter were happy to see the snow even though it didn't stay around long.

Keeping warm.

Colors of the season.

Studio re-do
I love my new bright yellow counter, it cost $8 at Restore.  We debated about it, looked at everything while holding onto the $8 price tag and finally decided it couldn't get any better!
The photo below shows the bookcase cut in two and somehow it holds more!   Magic.

Viva Gallery in Viroqua, WI is having a member show in February.  The theme is "A River Runs Through It"  So many comparisons to 'a river running through it' and the thread in a weaver's world.  This is a 6-harness spaced warp design, I wanted wavy.  I think it works.