Friday, April 18, 2014

Canyon Muse

I'm just back from a backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon and now I am sinking into memories of the trip.  Hiking, camping, the trails, the colors of the canyon, colors coming out in the fibers I'm choosing to weave.

Sunset from Plateau Point

I was setting up my next weave and this is what happened.  It was unintentional, I was doing the leftover spools warp.  The influence of the canyon is there definitively.  Spending a week in that most mysterious, magical, grand canyon filled up my senses.

Sunrise on the rim

Morning on the South Kaibab trail

About 8 miles going down, down, down.

Sure footed Mules on the trails - love these hard-working animals.

Desert Lanscapes

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saving Drains

This post isn't the most fascinating post to view or write but I think it's good information.  You would be shocked to see the amount of lint going down your drain, washing newly woven cloth after taking it off the loom is an example.  After moving into our house a couple of years ago we needed to have our drains cleaned out -- hadn't been done...ever!  At least that's what the plumbers said and they seem to know their business.  Anyway - at the suggestion of those same plumbers we began to drain the washing machine water through the sink next to the washer.  We started to see the stuff that was going down the drain, especially after washing new woven cloth.   A simple solution is saving our drains for the next 100 years, a Lint Trapper installed over the drain hole is keeping our drains healthier.   LOOK!

this after washing woven linen

The Lint Trapper (notice - made in the USA) with lint removed.

What that woven piece turned into modeled by my daughter!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dicey Icey

After a couple of days of 40 degrees we got rain and then it froze and this is what the sidewalks are like now.  This week the temps are going below zero, at night and single digits during the day.  Walking the sidewalks is going to be challenging for some time, I guess.  Photos show the footprints of people walking just as the slush is turning to ice, oh yeah - and riding a bike.   I am a lover of texture but maybe this is pushing the envelope...

Studio pics

My grandma made the pom-pom kitties up in the corner.

'Radiant Orchid' - love these tights - and this color.  I finally have a name for it.

Spring is coming.

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Marking January ice and the old home-made loom warped again.  

Just part of the backend of a car that has traveled many winter miles. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Chenille-ly Pinwheel-y Scarf

Off the loom and finished.  An Infinity Scarf turned out with luxurious rich texture and deep color.  Imagine soft and cushy around your neck, wrap it once or twice for more warmth.  Once again I am reminded of the sumptuous drape of rayon chenille.

The colors burgundy, black, midnight navy, coral pink, rose pink and sienna.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Time

Snow piling up on branches of trees, short days and lit up nights.  There are no dark shadows when snow blankets all outside spaces.   Turn off inside lights and the carpet of snow lights up everything. So bright it seems there's a full moon every night.  Snowflake after magical snowflake cover the earth, so perfect and so beautiful.  

Not at all sure about these colors....

Still not sure about these colors.  When it's finished - I might be able to decide ...

In my imagination I am walking this path, wearing this scarf.  When I was making this warp I kept thinking why am I using these colors.  Colors all around influence what I think and what I see and into the weaving they go.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Night Lights / Winter Bright





that LED blue

 I said she should draw something that didn't look like a house with a pointy roof...

and it was good!  by Ava