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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Stuff and the Stuff-ees


off the loom

cut down for easier stuffing

When you are a weaver you end up with lots of what is called 'thrums'.  My pile of thrums grows with every weaving project.  I have found a new way to use up my thrums.

Meet the STUFF-EES

My pile is shrinking

I love fashioning and sewing up the Stuffs.  You can see these creations at the Guild in Minneapolis, MN.

I love the little animals, still weaving is my first love and here is my latest piece.
I call it Red Zen, Reppweave woven with pearl cottons, 16/2 cottons, linen and native prairie grasses.


Joanne said...

What a terrific idea for left over yarns, wish I had thought of it. I sure know what to do with mine now. Red Zen is lovely.

barbindell said...

Like the blue guy on the left!-Your rep weave is NICE

riverweave said...

He likes you too Barb.