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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Handmade From the Heart

Photos of the event held at The Guild in Minneapolis.  It was a cold, sunny day outside but lots of warmth inside.  My spot was close to the sunny south side windows.

The sun glinting off the baskets of the animals.  You can tell they were having a good time.

Prairie Grass Weavings 

The Valentine-y table of treats was a work of art itself, delicious in reds, pinks, white and chocolates
Guilty pleasures all, tasty too!

Besides me, guest artists invited featured nuno felted scarves by sisters Nancy Beth Stevenson, Nancy Stevens Randall, their business is called Scarving Artists.  You can tell they have a good time putting their work together. Katherine Seger, an painter in oils, painted a still life she gave away at the end of the day. Interesting to see her process beginning with an empty canvas transformed into a fine piece of art by the end of the day.  Go to www.KatherineSeger.com to see her work.  Hostess aprons by Robin Klitze were there too, light-hearted whimsical art wear.

My cats and dogs are invited to come back and hold a place at The Guild.   See them around-about March.   Go to The Guild Minneapolis if you want to see more.

It was a privilege to be invited, I enjoyed the day.
Happy Valentines Day


Joanne said...

Your 'booth' looks wonderful. Sounds like a great time, and you add a nice touch I am sure.

annie said...

yayyy! the gatitos and perritos looks superb. and so do those cupcakes. mmm. nicely done, mum.

barbindell said...

so pretty-love the spot

riverweave said...

Thanks for comments my people! Annie -- gatitos and perritos Spanish for cats and dogs or vice versa? Love those words!

elin said...

Very nice Kathy, and lovely cakes too. I just love the cats and dogs.