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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Design Idea

Paint your fridge and add pizazz to your kitchen.  Put some bumper stickers on it to make it even more interesting.  There you go -- an artistic idea for you to chew on.
Here is a photo of my fridge -- which by the way is green in more ways than one.  It's a Sun-Frost and it runs on the batteries that power our house after the sun charges them up.

I wish I had more stickers - but, I'm picky when choosing what to put here.  People know you by the 'artistic' statements you make .


anneblushes said...

haha, what a delightful little fridge. isn't there a bicycle sticker too? ¿donde está? i wish my fridge was green (in more ways than one). :)

riverweave said...

The bicycle sticker is covering a hole in the cupboard -- 'fight terror, ride a bike'. Wish it was on the fridge.