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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prairie Grass Weaves

Three grass weaves, handwoven in reppweave design pattern with pearl cotton and native grasses harvested from where I live.  Garrison Keillor was in our town this week promoting the new community radio station WDRT. He shopped at our artist cooperative gallery, VIVA Gallery - and bought one of these. !!!  Thanks very much famous radio man for supporting local art and artists.

Go to VIVA Gallery to see more of what we have.  If you see something you want contact the individual artist by email.  We ship. 


Joanne said...

They are SO beautiful, and how utterly cool that Garrison K., bought one of them!! Wow is about all I can say.

Anonymous said...

me TOO! über cool.
also, you should try and link the viva gallery website here...! i love these weavings. and everyone else should get the chance to love them too. :)

barbindell said...

Its so cool knowing a "famous radio person" now has one of your very cool weavings to enjoy--wonder where he is going to put it--congrats-Barb

Susan Johnson said...

Kathy, a celebrity purchase is the cherry on top.
I think it's great that among all the art media he could have bought, he chose Textile. Your Textile!
That's one for the weavers! (I really do like that Garrison Keillor's show, don't you?)

Marilyn said...

Very fun to have GK in your shop and buying your work! I really like your native grass and cotton weavings.