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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rose Paths

". . . no feeling of emptiness about her.  She was an object lesson on the essential luck, whatever hardships come their way, of those born to make things."  from a book by Diana Athill

Rosepath, a lovely name for a weave pattern.   Runners are woven in rosepath  (the diamonds) and plain weave.  I love a project that calls for putting lots of colors together in one piece, time slipped away without notice while I wove. They are made with a cotton warp, cotton and cotton blends for the weft.  


Joanne said...

And it is stunning!! I love it. Inspires me to get going amid all that's going on here.

Anonymous said...

i always love your rosepaths because the colors are so wonderful. more, more!

Susan Johnson said...

These are nice pictures of your rosepaths, too. And, speaking of nice pictures: your new (to me) profile picture

barbindell said...

Nice--hope asparagus soup is in the pot--maybe with some morels--it is beautiful-