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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flamenco, Semana Santa, marshmallow cakes --- Sevilla


 I wanted one of these fabulous gowns, but alas, where would I wear it???

Semana Santa souvenirs, I guess ?

       Whimsical cakes made with marshmallows, jelly beans, all kinds of confections.  
These were sitting in the window of a candy shop, part of Semana Santa??


Anonymous said...

oh my, that marshmallow cake.... i've seen them before, but they are most definitely meant for very special occasions! you did a fabulous job with your food vocabulary. :) i love these photos! AND that scarf in the post above. lovely!

kindred threads said...

What an exciting trip. I can't stop imagining you in one of those outrageous gowns. You should have bought one. Ole!