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Monday, January 9, 2017

Artist Inspired Art

I am a member of an artist cooperative, VIVA Gallery, in a town called Viroqua in southwest Wisconsin.  In January we hold a member show.  The theme this year is 'Art Inspires Art'.  My Inspiration is Sonia Delaunay, painter and textile artist.  I am in love with her work.  She is most known for her bold pattern and color.  Her textiles, big geometrics and an amazing color sense is the reason I choose her as my inspiration.  I ventured into Doubleweave with this project.  I have been reading and looking at it, trying to figure it out and get brave enough to try this weave method and so to begin this new year I dove into it.  I can read all about it but until I get it onto the loom and actually weaving it I don't begin to understand how it works.  There is a lot here to try.

First - a bow to my muse with a minute sampling of the prodigious work of the awesome Sonia Delaunay.

The doubleweave off loom and after trepidatious cutting.  I love it!
Woven in 100% cotton, 1200 ends.  A big, intimidating project that a couple of times I was sure it was not going to work and would have to be "whacked"  (words of my friend Barb).
Now that I've done it once, I can do it again.


morning star said...

I am not familiar with Sonia Delaunay. I'm going to have to look her up. I love the pics you have included of her and her work. What are the measurements of the first piece? I love the bold design.

Once again you prove yourself to be the queen of color!
That vest is fantastic!

annie said...

you ARE the queen of colors! i love sonia delaunay too. which makes sense because i also love kathleen aaker's work. hmmm. :)

riverweave said...

These comments make my day!! Colleen I don't know the size of the top piece, I got it from an image provided by the internet of Sonia D.'s work. She was prolific in her painting and textiles, she had a long career.

Click Here said...

This is so cool! I love the color and designs. thanks for sharing