Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Changing Season

A web dressed in morning dew.

When the colors of summer and early fall fade sometimes the brightest thing in the woods is a log with fungus.  The white shines with the rusts, browns and black in background.

A late fall plain weave in Chenille.

Night time temps fall and so the plants come in, soon they will yellow and fade too.  They would rather be outside in the sun.

The pretty pink and white hanging petunia is still a beauty outside.  I love fall but it's bittersweet, winter is on it's way.  Enjoy the color this season of change.


annie said...

i love all of these pictures. it is a bittersweet season. and it seems to pass by so, so swiftly!

Barb said...

All these photos make me feel warm and cozy. Thanks for sharing your world with us. Looking forward to coming up in a few weeks. Have a wonderful, sweet day.