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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Playing with Paper and Threading Gold

Paper Mache on my dress form and two new dress forms are born.  These are drying.

Primed and ready for a second coat, I think black.  I'm holding thoughts on these until they are all finished with their paint and then dressed.  


Susan said...

I can see why you want to work with that tricky sparkly stuff. But you thought the linen was the tricky part . So many mysteries in this weaving business ... Are you going to use the papier mâché dress forms as display mannequins? Ambitious project,but looks like it's working!

riverweave said...

I may have to give it another try - to really see what, who (?) is the problem. Paper models will get dressed after they are painted, then I'll see if they are useful. Lots of questions and mysteries, keep us coming back to it!

Dawn said...

I actually like the papier mache forms without the paint--as art objects. The gold thread is lovely. It reminds me of the grim Grimm tale about the miller's daughter spinning straw into gold. Maybe that was your level of frustration?

riverweave said...

I think spinning that straw into gold would have been more frustrating - possibly??? Like the comment on the paper maché models!