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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Dicey Icey

After a couple of days of 40 degrees we got rain and then it froze and this is what the sidewalks are like now.  This week the temps are going below zero, at night and single digits during the day.  Walking the sidewalks is going to be challenging for some time, I guess.  Photos show the footprints of people walking just as the slush is turning to ice, oh yeah - and riding a bike.   I am a lover of texture but maybe this is pushing the envelope...

Studio pics

My grandma made the pom-pom kitties up in the corner.

'Radiant Orchid' - love these tights - and this color.  I finally have a name for it.

Spring is coming.


annie said...

yay spring. someday we will see the signs...! maybe you should add a radiant orchid pompom kittykat to the studio. :)

Dawn said...

Be careful on that ice, it's treacherous. Good weather to start new projects--your studio looks warm and inviting.

riverweave said...

Yes - a radiant orchid pom kitty, I would take that!
This weather has been good for staying inside and in the studio but really - and you know - it's is starting to make people crazy!!

Susan said...

I like the way you moved things around in your studio. It looks good

VIVA Gallery said...

Thanks Susan - seems lighter and brighter.