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Friday, May 31, 2013

Bursting Green

I love those red rocks and the inspiration that came from them but, now I'm singing  praises of the green all around.  It is glorious. Outside the trees, the grass, the plants are bursting green this year.  We are swimming in a rain soaked world.  From the orange, reds and purples of the rock wilderness that conjures hot and dry to soft, saturated shades of green everywhere.

The marsh along the bike path to downtown.  Last year the cracked earth showed, this year 
the brown water has been close to the banks all spring, the trees standing in water.  
Toad and Turtle heaven.

The path along the marsh to downtown.  

Setting up a new Rips warp.  Love the way the color fibers wrap around the back beam.  

This orchid, found abandoned in an alley last fall, has bloomed!  Magical.


Joanne said...

It seems the rep weave set-up and the orchid share much!

riverweave said...

Colors in nature are awesome.

kindred threads said...

beautiful warp Kathy. I am getting some inspiration from Lake Superior this week.