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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


We moved into a house built in the 1940's.  I love it because it's old and it's in a neighborhood.  We moved from rural to a home in smaller mid-size city.  I was looking through photos we took before purchasing and taking photos of the way it is now.
Colors make a difference, so does sunshine.  I love looking at befores and afters.



There's that black linoleum floor that we uncovered with much effort - does anyone put black linoleum on their kitchen floor these days?   

We are coming out of dark days, there's more light and the day is longer, through those winter days the color on the walls and all around kept me healthier (I think) both mentally and emotionally.

This is a total indulgence and just for my pleasure, if you're looking though I hope you enjoy.

  Just had to put this in -- I made it and it makes me happier when I look at it!


annie said...

i love these photos. i didn't realize how WHITE that bathroom was before... oof. colors for the win!

Joanne said...

You are right, color and sunshine make such a difference. Love the transformation.

morning star said...

As I've told you before you
are the queen of color!!!
The kitchen turned out great. I love the floor. Nice backdrop for color. :)

morning star said...

that would be me :)

Susan said...

That table runner makes me happy, too. Your house looks cozy and bright, even if there are a lot of bad squirrels in that neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely home, thank you for the mini tour. Your runner is bright and cheerful - I like it.