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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pretty in Pink

My new loom - it's all set up and working


Just finished vest jackets (above) with loom-designed fabric,  clothes with soul.

Soul, an essence of life.  It happens to something when it is made with hands that weave, sew, turn a potters wheel, mosaic, paint, the list could go on.  Much thought goes into the process of hand-done - textures, colors, the fit and how it will look.  Each piece unique.  Sometimes you might want to put on something with a little soul.  Wear it and part of the maker is in it.  

These vest / jackets are woven with linen, silk and wool.  The bit of pink one is made with a beautiful yarn bought in a local yarn shop, hand spun and dyed.  A friend ordered a vest, she wanted some pink, silver and black in the mix.  That yarn was just waiting for me that day. A mohair/wool combination with a mix of pink, white and a silvery blue spun into a most divine yarn.   I had enough to make two, she has one and this one is in my etsy shop.   The black and white has hand-spun in it as well, along with a taupe, black mohair mix.  In finishing the fabric is washed and the wool is felted.  
Designed, handwoven and sewn in my workshop. 

Pretty in Black and White too!



barbindell said...

Really nice--like the textures a lot. They look really fragile in the pictures but when I saw them for real they look quite sturdy---great job 4

riverweave said...

Thanks Barb! I can use that description - fragile - look yet sturdy, now I have a genuine testimonial!