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Thursday, May 24, 2012


That's a bowling ball covered in pretty glass made by my sister.
We swapped for a weaving.
She collects bowling balls.  Remind me to take a photo of all the colorful ones in her yard.

The table top mosaic was made by me.  A friend gave me this table, she knew it was destined for this!
Just have to point out that the brownish colored shards are actually mirror shards looking at the ceiling.


Use the tools you have - that's a spade shovel shoved (carefully) under the plywood.

Old linoleum under boring, white vinyl.  How could we not uncover it.
We harvested a half a medium size bucket of nails pounded into quarter inch plywood under the vinyl. Didn't know what shape this linoleum would be in but we knew there was something good there after seeing it in the closet/pantry off the hallway.


annie said...

that old linoleum floor is the real reason for that new house, isn't it? :) it is so tempting and interesting and exciting to take up old layers and see what's underneath. way cooler than plain old vinyl. also, i can't believe that spade you found!! seriously? you better check the walls for antique liquor bottles. :) pretty mosaics. i had no idea one of my aunts collected bowling balls..! cool post, mum.

riverweave said...

appreciate that Annie!
No, no -- we didn't find the spade we had it with us to plant trees so -- we used it for a pry bar!
You are right -- old linoleum is the reason for a new old house -- hahaha

Dawn said...

Ahhh, what a surprise--I am honored to have a feature spot here! Love the old linoleum, I can hear the original owner's feet shuffling around the kitchen. Wonder what else the house will reveal to you.

Susan said...

Kathy, I thought you must have moved in by now. And, I see, taking the shovel to the floors. I wouldn't have had energy, even for the black linoleum. It is a pretty floor, like my Grammy's kitchen. Best of luck in your new house