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Friday, January 6, 2012

Local, Handmade

While doing a little house cleanse over the past week, it was today that I looked and saw that in this house we have some great art, art made by me, by kids, by husband, grandkids and friends.  This post reminds me to notice and not take for granted what I see everyday and what makes this house a home.

This one makes me smile, my two youngest daughters sewed this up and gave it as a gift for Mother's Day.  It's a little faded but still perfect.  They're all grown up now but this work of art is just who they were and who they are today.

A mosaic of a raven made by an artist in Baraboo, WI and an oil pastel of a Flicker (I think) woodpecker drawn by my grandson.  I love both, so much soul.


The stained glass piece was made by my husband a long time ago, he doesn't do that kind of work anymore - too busy fixing motorcycles.  

The rug with the beautiful red cardinals was made by my dad.  My artistic dad who loved to work with his hands.  He was a plumber by trade but in the winter when he couldn't be in the garden he could be found painting by number or in his workshop making a wind chime or a lamp or....  I was gone from home when he found the rug projects to do -- I think it's so cool that this man who loved the outdoors, fishing, hunting, gardening would do this work and love it.  I have two of his rugs, such a good way to remember him.

Deb Conlon, Amy Arnold

Ken DeWaard

Three of the many works of art that aren't made by me or family members, nonetheless they hold important places on the walls of this house and are done by local artists.  The painting of the little yellow building is of a garden shed turned into a present day sauna.  This painting is by a neighbor who thought it worth painting - I think so too and in the wintertime this painting warms me up.

Here's to a New Year filled with art - where ever you find it and take time to notice how much it adds to your life.


Joanne said...

What a sweet posting! I love the 'story' about your dad, is the rug a hooked rug?

riverweave said...

Hi Joanne -- it's a hooked rug that he made from a kit. Seems that when a person is alive you take things for granted, sometimes their work and things created go unnoticed. When they're gone those things become treasures, they hold their spirit.

annie said...

oh these things. i love them all! whenever i see that pillowcase that me+alex made, i remember that it was a VERY TOP SECRET project. i love that the creative men in our family have always enjoyed and really been good at working with their hands. and the women, too...! :)