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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gone for Gold

Any one of these handwoven scarves with this dress 

Imagine having an occasion to wear it . . . just dreaming ... big.
why not??

husband says ... but - a scarf would cover up her assets
well, I say . . . it could bring more attention to one's assets.

The scarves are woven with Tencel, silk and gold lurex.


Joanne said...

Your new scarfs are truly lovely. I'm not so much a 'gold' lover, but these I love.

annie said...

heidi would NEVER pronounce you as being "out." she would say, "kathleen, you are in. now, how much do you charge for one of these fantastic creations?" heh heh. i love the scarf to the right! although they are all so pretty.

Emma Erickson said...

Wow just beautiful! I love the gold metallic with the dark jewel tones. I can't wait for are show on Sunday!