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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Close to Home

                                    What do you get a man who has everything for his birthday?

A Man with a Cat, of course  Local artist Amy Arnold was our guest artist at VIVA Gallery for the month of April.  She makes these whimsical, classical characters out of felted wool.  I love them and so does the man who now really does have everything!

In pondering other things around the house:

This post is in the exact center of our living room.  I once asked a feng-shui 'expert' what do you do with a post in the middle of a room? - his answer after much thought was plants, make it like a tree.  So - OK- that works but space for chairs y'know, comfortable chairs in a 'conversational area' presents a problem.  We have lived here for eleven years and the post and I still have issues.  The thing is though - it, the post, is not going anywhere - it's holding the place up.  


Joanne said...

You must have done a really good job of following the expert's advice about your post...what post? is what I thought. I don't even remember seeing it!

riverweave said...

Ah - very good!!

barbindell said...

Your gift is purr-fect--sorry I could not resist