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Monday, January 3, 2011

Little Weavings in the Wind

I made these linen and wool weavings for the 'small works' show our gallery is having for the month of January.  I love the translucent look of the weave materials, the natural linen with the white wool.  It speaks of winter to me.  I hung them in the tree to see what they would look like in the breeze and in the window, in both places they brightened the gray wintry day.  Had to try them with the background on the brilliant white snow too.  Isn't snow miraculous?  I love it.  Even though it can mess up a trip or cancel an event, it is the nature of winter and wondrous.


Joanne said...

They are almost ethereal and I love them. Bring them along to the next meeting if you can, love to see them in person.

riverweave said...

Thanks Joanne -- I will!

Hilary said...

I LOVE these......stumbled on your blog, and these really caught my eye.....very nice.